2008 Geotate geotagging products

4 April 2008 Friday

]1[ Geotate Hopi.

]2[ Geotate Kato.

I’m looking forward to the Geotate solution for geotagging.

So in our continuing search for the best geotagging systems, we spoke with some folks from Geotate in Las Vegas, who have developed technology which will now be in the next gen of point and shoot cameras.

They are working with a company called Altek, one of the major manufacturers of digital cameras that a bunch of brands put their name on. Oh, don’t worry..that’s how most of it happens. One company develops and makes a product that can be branded by a specific company. Like Kodak. Or Sony.

Take a look and listen to some of Geotate’s technology:



The Geotate Hopi looks promising for use with cameras that have hotshoe. I believe that you’ve to synchronise the camera time with the GPS time.

It’ll be a great disadvantage if the Geotate software is only able to geotag jpeg files instead of Nikon NEF or any other RAW files.

No idea when will the Geotate Hopi be out for sale.


2 Responses to “2008 Geotate geotagging products”

  1. 1 Jason 26/09/2008 at 21:22

    I’ve been waiting for this technology for quite some time! Glad to see it’s almost here. I’d love to get a timeframe though.

  2. 2 xtemujin 21/10/2008 at 15:11

    There’s no urgency to bring this product to the market.

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