2009 Dawntech di-GPS mini IIs for Nikon D90, Singapore

4 April 2009, Saturday

First and foremost, all items were bought using my own pocket money and these review is my own personal opinion.

I have used the Solmeta DP-GPS N90 and the PC Mobile GN-1 GPS for my Nikon D90.

I have issues with the Solmeta straight connector and the PC Mobile push button which either jammed On or OFF, unable to switch it Off or On.

The Solmeta DP-GPS N90 Auto selector does not work as explained by Solmeta to me by email.

Solmeta DP-GPS N90

1. Internal battery
2. Full accessories
3. Good built

1. Auto function does not work
2. Straight connector hinders end user while using the camera and keeping the camera in a bag, high possibility of the connector breaking.
3. Big

PC Mobile GN-1 GPS

1. Cheap
2. L shaped connector
3. Ability to change connector to ten pin input

1. Cheap built
2. Push button has a tendency to jam On or Off
3. No Auto function
4. No internal battery

Dawntech di-GPS mini IIs

1. Reasonably priced
2. L shaped connector
3. Small
4. Good built
5. Auto function does work

1. No internal battery
2. No input for shutter release

I would highly recommend the Dawntech di-GPS mini IIs compared to the two products that I have purchased.

Solmeta needs to listen to it’s customers feedback to change it’s straight connector to a L shaped connector and make the Auto function works.

PC-mobile needs to change that POS push button.

]1[ Dawntech di-GPS mini IIs packaging.

]2[ Comparison between the Dawntech di-GPS mini IIs L shaped connector and Solmeta straight connector.

]3[ View of the Dawntech di-GPS mini IIs on the D90 hotshoe.

]4[ Top view of the Dawntech di-GPS mini IIs.

]5[ Selector switch of the Dawntech di-GPS mini IIs.

More photos in my flickr album.



1 Response to “2009 Dawntech di-GPS mini IIs for Nikon D90, Singapore”

  1. 1 Richard 05/07/2009 at 16:37

    I have the GeoPic II from Custom Idea – its a 10-pin one for D200/D300 etc… but I guess they will come out with a D90 version soon. Anyway, its loads better than all the other ones out there (in my opinion) because it has a proper power saving mode and a proper freeze mode that works really well. Very impressed so far and also with their service. Website is http://www.customidea.com

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