2009 SEPT Army Open House, Pasir Laba Camp, Singapore

The biannual Singapore Army Open house comes again from 3-7 Sept 2009 held at the Pasir Laba Camp(PLC).

Everything was great at the Army Open House 2009 when I went on the first day. The people manning the booth were helpful and great. The bus ferry service was good.

However, there were some Warrant officers who were very hostile and were questioning  “Where are you from” and “Why are you taking these photos” while I was taking photos, one warrant officer also threatened to beat up the photographer. Stupid questions to ask during the Army Open House.

There are no issues if you’re in the operational area but not in the Army Open House where the main emphasis is public relationship and awareness.

]1[ Photo of signboard taken during the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run.

]2[ Signboard of the Army Open House map shown during SAFRA Singapore Bay Run.

]3[ Detailed explanation of the capabilities of  the Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle(ICV) by a Warrant Officer from 9 Division.

]4[ Presenting the SAF Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle(ICV).

]5[ SAF Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle(ICV) license plate.

More photos in my Flickr album.


Official website of the Army Open House 2009.



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