2009 USAF Thunderbirds Far East Tour, RMAF Subang Air Base, Malaysia

27 August 2009, Thursday

290909 (Tue)

Update from Dzirhan

Just to confirm, as spoken to RMAF PR about it, no problems for Singapore registered cars on Saturday, also no camera (Lens) restrictions. Bad news is that both Sukhois and F-16 will be close enough to photograph but public will not be allowed too near them.

Parking is inside the base and there will be designated parking areas inside there.

Update: 250909 (Fri)

Itinerary provided by RMAF PR Department courtesy of Pirate, Alert5.

1. 1ST October 09 (Thursday).
1200H – Arrival of 2 X C17 at Subang Air Base.
1430H -1500H – Arrival of 8 X F16.
– Arrival of 2 X KC135 Tanker.

2. 2nd October 09 (Friday).

Practice Day / Media.

0900H – Final Planning Meeting.
– Base Opened Day. (Armed forces & Embassy Staff)
1030H -1100H – C17 Demonstration.
1100H -1130H – Shukoi Air Show.
1130H -1230H – Thunderbirds Air Show. (Fly Over Twin Tower)
1200H – F16 fly-by with Chief of Armed Forces.

3. 3rd October 09 (Saturday).

Actual Day / Open for Public.

0900H – Base Open Crowd.
0915H – Arrival of Guests.
0930H – Arrival of Chief of RMAF.
0945H – Arrival of Chief of Armed Forces.
1000H – Arrival of Diplomats.
1015H – Arrival of Dignitaries.
1030H -1100H – C17 Demonstration.
1100H -1130H – Sukhoi Air Show.
1130H -1230H – Thunderbirds Air Show.
1245H -1300H – Autograph Signing by Thunderbirds Crew.
1300H – VVIP & pilot Photography session.
1400H – Programme End.

Information from Dzirhan, who is a Malaysian defence correspondent.

Just an update on things, the show is only open to public on Oct. 3, as NST Malaysia ran a story two days ago saying that that the displays will be on Oct 2-3, Oct. 2 is only opened to media, and invited guests of RMAF and US embassy so please pass the word around, would hate for anyone to show up and be turned away on the 2nd. The entrance to RMAF Subang is only one lane in and one lane out and much of the road in the base is similar so plan on being early in the morning to avoid any jam, I will find out what time the gate will be opened earliest.

Those who have been to Subang would know that generally there isn’t much of a covered space for the public so bring hats, umbrella and sunblock as it can get very hot out there. Sukhois will fly at the show, will be a flyby and C-17 will also do a flyby. Also make sure you have transport to go and leave as there isn’t much public transport (if any) out there.

The USAF Thunderbirds will be performing in the Far East, one of them is at RMAF Subang, Malaysia, on 031009 (Sat).


However, specific details are still not known like the time of performance.


I’ve no idea how to go to RMAF Subang, Malaysia, by public transport as I don’t drive.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Exclusive: USAF Thunderbirds to perform in Malaysia 3-5 October 2009.

The USAF Thunderbirds is on a Far East tour from September to October. We can now confirm that they will be making a stop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 3 to 5 October 2009.

]2009 OCT[  USAF Thunderbirds, RMAF Subang, Malaysia

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