2009 OCT USAF Thunderbirds, RMAF Subang, Malaysia

3 October 2009 Saturday

Many thanks to One Malaysia, the US Embassy in Malaysia and the Royal Malaysia Airforce (RMAF) for hosting the USAF Thunderbirds at the RMAF Subang airbase, Malaysia.

Personal thanks to Dr Chen from Photo Malaysia for the lift to the RMAF Subang airbase and back to my hotel, Dzirhan and Pirate from Alert5 for the information provided.

Unfortunately, it was a no go for a world class performance by the USAF Thunderbirds here in Singapore.

An estimated 100 000 people came down to RMAF Subang airbase for the airshow.


]1[ One Malaysia checking out the makan while waiting for the gate to open.

]2[ Waiting for the airbase gate to open.

]3[ Official videographer for the USAF Thunderbirds.

]4[ Official photographer for the USAF Thunderbirds, Staff Sgt Kristi Machado.

]5[ RMAF SU30MKM Flight display by Lt Col Muhamad Norazlan Arif and
Major Mohd Jasmi Abdul Wahab.

]6[ Exhaust from the RMAF SU30MKM.

]7[ #1 Commander Leader Lt Col Greg Thomas, USAF Thunderbirds.

]8[ USAF Thunderbirds getting ready.

]9[ Chevron flight formation.

]10[ A little piece of American sweetheart.

]11[ USAF Thunderbirds F16 and RMAF SU30MKM.

]12[ USAF Thunderbirds returning after the flight display.

More photos in my Flickr album.

]2009 OCT[ USAF Thunderbirds, RMAF Subang, Malaysia



2 Responses to “2009 OCT USAF Thunderbirds, RMAF Subang, Malaysia”

  1. 1 asyrafwahab 21/04/2011 at 16:32

    what do you meant by (Unfortunately, it was a no go for a world class performance by the USAF Thunderbirds here in Singapore?)

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