2009 Bad Starhub customer service, Singapore

29 October 2009, Thursday

Last month in September, I called the SH hotline to cancel my 3G Ultimate Maxmobile broadband as I was getting another contract.

I found out this month, October, that my 3G Ultimate Maxmobile broadband was not cancelled. I called and emailed the SH customer service.

I received an email reply from SH that the relevant department will call me up.

What happened is that the lady CSO who did not cancel my contract called me back and my instruction to cancel my contract became an enquiry.

In the end, everything became my mistake.

The lesson here is to record the conversation with the CSO when calling in to SH.

SH did not commit to an answer by email and instead called me up by telephone as the customer has no evidence to prove what he had instructed the CSO to do.

The best part is that the lady CSO didn’t really listen to what I have explained and was busy typing in the background and gave the same reasons that my call was just an enquiry.

Thank you for your e-mail.
We have informed the relevant department regarding your concerns,
please be assured that they will follow up with you as soon as
possible. We appreciate your kind patience in the meantime.
Should you have any further queries on mobile services, please e-mail
us at this address or fax in to 6720 5000.

Warmest regards

Kissle Cardenas

Customer Affairs


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