2009 NOV Great Eastern Women 10K, Singapore

1 November 2009, Sunday

I am concerned with the medical cover in this type of event.

I saw today a female runner down and the male first aid responder was not doing anything. I was afraid that she was going into shock.

Even when the ambulance came, the ambulance crew did not ask about the casualty condition.

At the 100 metre end mark there was also a lady who was not feeling well but I could not approach any first aid staff as there was none.

The Esplanade was in a mess littered with metal pipes and the stage platform had no barricade on both sides. Some of the fences used for the F1 were still leaning on some of the lamp post.

]1[ Surrender to the ladies.

]2[ Good to go for the runners.

 ]3[ Lady on the extreme left wearing a running shirt with the slogan “I earn my chocolate one step at a time”.

]4[ 2009 Great Eastern Women 10K, Individual – Women’s Open (All Categories).

1. Leah Malot Kenya.
2. Anna Elizabeth Thompson Australia
3. Catherine Kwamboka Omoi Kenya

]5[ 2009 Great Eastern Women 10K, Individual – Women Under 19.

1. Annabelle Yee Singapore
2. Chua Khai Leng Singapore
3. Lauren Nicole Smith Australia

]6[ 2009 Great Eastern Women 10K, Individual – Women Masters.

1. Leah Malot Kenya
2. Tang Yoke Pin Vivian Singapore
3. Trudey Jane Fawcett British Indian Ocean Territory

]7[ A photoshoot for these ladies.

]8[ Platform without side barriers and the Esplanade littered with metal pipes on the sideline.

More photos in Flickristan.



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