2009 Nikon Professional Contour Camera Strap, Singapore

11 November 2009 Wednesday

I have just bought the Nikon Professional Contour Camera Strap from Nikon Singapore,  using  my Nikon Club 200 points and S$20.

The design is similar to the Crumpler Industry Disgrace strap. As far as I know, it is only available through Nikon Club Singapore.

The red Canon Crumpler Industry Disgrace Camera Strap is much more cooler, priced at S$36.

You can get it at the Canon Service Centre Harbourfront or Canon link Vivocity, Singapore.

There is also a black Canon Crumpler Industry Disgrace.

]1[ Nikon Professional Contour Strap package.

]2[ Nikon view.

]3[ Expeed view.

]4[ The whole strap, neoprene material in the middle.

]5[ Red Canon EOS Crumpler Industry Disgrace Camera Strap.

]6[ Red Canon EOS Crumpler Industry Disgrace Camera Strap on a mannequin.

]7[ My modified Crumpler Industry Disgrace strap.

]8[ SD card case holder.

Nikon dual way camera strap blue, Singapore



5 Responses to “2009 Nikon Professional Contour Camera Strap, Singapore”

  1. 1 eddie 13/12/2009 at 14:34

    hi did u sell tis Nikon Professional Contour Strap package?pls leave mi a msg thks.

  2. 3 Danny 05/02/2010 at 12:36

    The Red Canon Crumpler Disgrace strap is it widely available @ singapore canon vivocity & the harbourfront?

  3. 4 Kim 05/02/2010 at 12:56


    I am from Australia, and I really want that red neck strap.
    Would you sell that strap to me?

    • 5 xtemujin 10/02/2010 at 16:03


      The Red Canon Crumpler Disgrace strap is currently out of stock at both the Canon Service Centre.


      I’m not selling the Red Canon Crumpler Disgrace strap.


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