2010 FEB Armed Forces Career Experience, Singapore

I chanced upon the SAF Armed Forces Career Experience at the Marina Square Central Atrium Level 2 while making my way to take photos of the Marina Bay Sands.


There were many models of what is in the inventory of the SAF, however, I did not see a model of the HIMARS that will enter into service pretty soon.

]1[ Model of F15SG.

]2[ Infantry booth.

]3[ Laser designator.

]4[ Navy’s silent service.

]5[ So they may live

Some photos in my Flickr album.



1 Response to “2010 FEB Armed Forces Career Experience, Singapore”

  1. 1 Kherubim 03/03/2010 at 19:36

    The SAR-21 ACMS looks like they just threw whatever they could find which would fit on a P-rail, maybe the Infantry guys were going for a “tacticool” look to appeal to the MW2 players…

    Also the Commandos had a FN Minimi Para and an actual M4A1 (NOT STK CAR-15) with an Eotech holo-sight, probably for the full-time guys… Everytime I saw someone pull the charging handle on the M4, I shuddered as the open ejection port makes for a nasty “finger guillotine”…

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