2010 MAR St Patrick’s Day Parade, Singapore

140310 (Sun)

Singapore’s 5th St Patrick’s Day Parade. Luck of the Irish, this is the second year that it rained cats and dogs during the St Patrick’s Day Parade.

There was a concert and street party after the parade and it feels like we were back at Temple Bar in Dublin Ireland.

]1[ Failte is an Irish word meaning “welcome”.

]2[ Welcoming St Patrick.

Led by the Irish Grand Marshal, H.E. Richard O’Brien, Ambassador of Ireland to Singapore.

]3[ Ireland FTW.

]4[ Star Wars Fans, participants in the St Patrick’s Day Parade.

Information was that Darth Vader could not make it at the last minute.

]5[ Some dance to remember some dance to forget(Eagles – Hotel California).

A range of emotions, I wonder what is running in their minds at that very moment.

]6[ Dancers from the Irish Inspirational Dance Singapore.

Unfortunately, the dancers were letdown by a breakdown with the music system.

]7[ Pub and street party area.

]8[ All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players – Shakespeare.

Molly Malone resident barfly (^_^)

More photos in my Flickr album.


2009 MAR St Patrick’s Day Parade, Singapore


Official blog for the St Patrick’s Day Parade Singapore.



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