2010 Ansari Briyani Restaurant, Singapore

1 April 2010, Thursday

I’m always on the lookout for good briyani rice.

There is now another new briyani stall at the Kampong Glam area.

The briyani rice at Ansari is “light” compared to the offering from the other briyani rice shops at the Kampong Glam area. The chicken and mutton that I tasted with the briyani were tender and well cooked.

I would recommend trying out the Habib’s special cocktail drink as it has a refreshing taste with real mint leaves but it is quite sweet.

Unfortunately, the dalcha had a smokey odour.

There is a 10% discount if you go on Friday but you will be jostling for space with the muslim Friday prayers crowd from the Sultan Mosque.

Highly recommended for a different light tasting briyani rice.

]1[ Shop poster in 2009.

]2[ Closeup view of the poster.

]3[ The shop in 2010.

]4[ Interior of the shop.

]5[ Habib’s special cocktail drink, a refreshing drink with real mint leaves, priced at S$3.

]6[ Chicken briyani rice.

The chicken briyani is priced at S$7 while the mutton at S$8.

]7[ Paceri nenas (Pineapple dish).

I would have preferred that they also serve the acar, cucumber and carrot salad.

]8[ The meal.

Ansari Briyani Restaurant Singapore
753 North Bridge Road
Singapore 19872


Update: 220712 (Sun)

The Ansari Briyani Restaurant at Kampong Glam has closed shop.


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