2010 RMAF SU30MKM and RSAF F15SG

11 July 2010, Sunday

It will be a great opportunity to take photos of the RMAF SU30MKM and RSAF F15SG side by side one of this day.

]1[ RMAF SU30MKM on the ground, LIMA 2009, Malaysia.

RSAF F16C on the left side of the photo.

]2[ RMAF SU30MKM, LIMA 2009, Malaysia.

]3[ RSAF F15SG on the ground, PLAB, Singapore.

]4[ RSAF F15SG, NDP 2010 CR4/ NE1, Marina Bay area, Singapore.

]5[ USAF Thunderbirds F16 and RMAF SU30MKM, RMAF Subang Airbase, Malaysia.

More photos in Flickristan.

]2009 OCT[  USAF Thunderbirds, RMAF Subang, Malaysia


]2009 DEC[ Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition, Malaysia


]2010 JUNE[ National Runway Cycling and Skating, Singapore

First showcase of the RSAF F15SG to the general public.



4 Responses to “2010 RMAF SU30MKM and RSAF F15SG”

  1. 1 tonbopro 21/07/2010 at 15:24

    it would be great to see them ‘RMAF SU30MKM & RSAF F-15SG’ flying alongside. i do believe the wait will not be long.

  2. 2 xtemujin 28/07/2010 at 07:50

    It will be great to see them fly side by side too.


  3. 3 TangC 19/02/2012 at 00:33

    Hw abt the TNI-AU Su30 and RSAF F-15SG? saw this on this video…see 9:26 onward.

  1. 1 LOG Monday 09/08/2010 | Bournemouth flight Blog Trackback on 09/08/2010 at 22:54

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