2010 Singapore Armed Forces Cadillac Gage V-200 Commando, Singapore

5 August 2010 Thursday

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Cadillac Gage V-200 Commando is one of the oldest platform showcased for the 2010 National Day Parade (NDP) and it is only used here in Singapore.

It is now mainly fielded by the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) armed with RBS 70 and GPMG.

]1[ 2008 RSAF Open House: RSAF Cadillac Gage V200 configured for SHORAD armed with RBS 70 and GPMG.

]2[ Cadillac Gage V200 Armoured Personnel Carrier armed with an Oerlikon 20 mm gun, displayed at the Army Museum of Singapore.

]3[ 2010 NDP: A pair of Cadillac Gage V200 for the first combined rehearsal mobile column.

]4[ Fully manned  RSAF Field Defence Squadron Cadillac Gage V200 armed with RBS 70 and GPMGs.

]5[ 2010 NDP Preview: Night out in town near Suntec City.

]6[ Newest and oldest platform, SAF MRAP/ MPTV in desert tan and a Cadillac Gage V200 near The Esplanade.

]7[ Promotional video of the  Cadillac Gage V-150  Commando Armoured Car on Youtube by Jaglavaksoldier.

RSAF August 2004 newsletter.

The combined live firing exercise for the modified 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL) and enhanced 20mm Gun was successfully conducted on 12 Mar 04 at Sungei Gedong Main Range 1. Involving approximately 300 NSmen and active personnel from the four Field Defence Squadrons (FDS), the main objective of the firing exercise was to enhance the confidence of the personnel in the weapons they operate.

The 1st firing involved the AGL mounted on a Mercedes Benz MB240 jeep. The MB240 jeep, the latest addition to FDS, is slightly different from its Army counterpart, the former having an additional single shot mode to the burst fire one. The AGL gives better firepower to perform reinforcement and counterattack roles during operations.

The 2nd firing involved the V200 Armour Fighting Vehicle mounted with a 20mm Oerlikon gun with the latest Night Weapon Sight, developed jointly by Thales and Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA). The sight allows the FDS to better perform their role of reinforcement and counter attack during hours of darkness.

MAJ (now LTC) Koh Cheng Boon, then CO FDS PLAB, was extremely proud of the success of the exercise. He said, “I’m happy that all participants took it as a personal challenge to master the skills and shoot as accurately as possible. This personal aspiration to excel reflects well on the image of the FDS and certainly enhances the confidence others have in us.”

Cadillac Gage V200 Commando Resources.


SAF V200 at an open house in the late 1980’s.


RSAF Open House 2006






More photos in Flickristan.

]2010 JUNE[ Army Museum of Singapore, Singapore

]2010 JUNE[ National Day Parade, Combined Rehearsal, Singapore

]2010 JULY[ National Day Parade, National Education Show, Singapore

]2010 JULY[ National Day Parade Preview, Singapore

Update: 090715 (Thu)

2015 Singapore Armed Forces, Peacekeeper Protected Response Vehicle replacement for the V200


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  1. 1 anakkapalsedia 08/11/2010 at 14:40

    So what about RBS-70 operators on the vehicle? Are they AD arty specialist or member of the FDS itself?

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