2010 AUG National Day Parade, Singapore

9 August 2010, Monday
2010 National Day Parade (NDP)

This is the 45th Singapore birthday as an independent nation and every five years, there is a mobile column showcasing Singapore’s military and homeland security vehicles.

]1[ Last mission briefing for those involved in the mobile column.

]2[ Terrex ICV, Officers and men from 2 SIR.

]3[ Uparmoured Leopard 2A4, Officers and men from 48 SAR.

]4[ Singapore Armour Regiment.

]5[ Combat Engineers.

]6[ Light strike vehicle team, Singapore Guards.

]7[ SAF Maxxpro Dash MRAP/ MPTV for duty in Afghanistan.

]8[ Convoy of Terrex ICV and Light strike vehicles.

]9[ Rain of armour now, uparmoured Leopard 2A4.

]10[ SAF and Hometeam UN mission team.

Background is a SAF Maxxpro Dash MRAP/ MPTV.

More photos in Flickristan.



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