2010 Poddities Netsuke lanyard strap attachment for iPhone 4, Singapore

9 September 2010, Thursday

I have always used a lanyard hand/ wrist strap with my handphone/ cellphone as a security to reduce the chances of it dropping onto the floor.

However, with my recent purchase of the iPhone 4, there was no way to attach a lanyard strap as there is no lanyard hole.

Poddities from Japan has come up with the Poddities Netsuke for iPhone 4 lanyard attachment bracket made from Hi-polished stainless steel to be attached between the 30 pin port by means of two screws.

It is a bit pricey, I ordered from Strapya World, US$16.90 and shipping charges of US$10.80 to Singapore, a total of about S$39.

Do note that the newer iPhone 4 comes with Pentalobe screws instead of the usual Philips head screws on the older iPhone 4.

I would suggest emailing Poddities to request that the Pentalobe screwdriver be also included in the package.

]1[ My modified Nokia E61i with a lanyard strap featured in E-series many years ago.

]2[ Poddities NETSUKE for iPhone 4 package.

Package contains a lanyard attachment bracket, philips head custom screwdriver and two longer screws.

]3[ Instruction manual in english and japanese languages.

]4[ Close up view of the Poddities Netsuke lanyard attachment bracket.

]5[ Screws for the lanyard attachment bracket.

Left two longer screws are from Poddities and the shorter screws are from the iPhone 4.

]6[ Poddities Netsuke for iPhone 4 attached.

]7[ Poddities Netsuke for iPhone 4 with a lanyard.

]8[ Power and data plug, no obstruction with the Poddities Netsuke attached.

]9[ Another view of the Poddities Netsuke.

]10[ Youtube video, attaching the Poddities iPhone Strap.

Poddities website.


Update: 181111 (Fri)

You can now buy the Poddities Netsuke from Dealextreme at US$6.30 shipped.

It now comes with four long philips head screws.

You also have to buy a pentalobe screwdriver from Dealextreme as Poddities only includes a philips head screwdriver.

]11[ Poddities Netsuke package.

]12[ Instruction guide at the back of the packaging.

Poddities Netsuke from Dealextreme.


Pentalobe screwdriver from Dealextreme.



7 Responses to “2010 Poddities Netsuke lanyard strap attachment for iPhone 4, Singapore”

  1. 1 Mark Tesch 27/12/2010 at 14:35

    Hi, does Poddities sell it’s products in Singapore now? Or do you still need to order online?

    Awesome post, one of the few that actually shows a product from Poddities:p Thanks for this.

    Warm regards.

  2. 5 aos 19/03/2011 at 10:11

    Hey! Thanks so much for posting this review, the photos from all angles were really helpful and nice.

    I plan to buy the Poddities Netsuke strap attachment for the iPhone 4… but I also want to buy a silicon case for it too.

    I noticed that the Poddities attachment extends below the phone, which means it would be difficult to put a silicon-case on it because it wouldn’t fit.

    Do you have any recommendations for cases I should use that work even with the Poddities strap attachment on?

    Thanks again! 🙂

    • 6 xtemujin 19/03/2011 at 10:14

      I’ve tried a few cases from Case Mate, Otterbox and a few generic brands.

      The strap attachment did not interfere with the case, even with a silicon case.


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