2010 Bandung drink, Singapore

3 October 2010, Sunday

With the influx of many new flavoured drinks, it seems that the common bandung drink may be extinct in a few years time like the triangle milk pack.

]1[ Bandung drink on the go.

Bandung (Rose milk) drink in a plastic packet with strings so that you can carry it. It is a common sight here in Singapore instead of using a cup.

]2[ Bandung drink with mutton chop.

]3[ Yeo’s bandung tetra pak drink from Mustafa Centre.

]4[ Ice Cool Rose Bandung can from Shenshiong supermarket.

]5[ JJ Bandung Rose Uncle Djengot can from Cold Storage supermarket.

]6[ Bandung in cans and tetra paks.

Left to right.

1) Yeo’s Bandung rose syrup milk drink, 250 mL.
2) Drinho Rose bandung flavoured drink, 250 mL.
3)  JJ (Jia Jia) Bandung rose flavoured milk drink Uncle Djengot, 300 mL.
4) Ice Cool Rose bandung, 300 mL.
5) HSC (Heng Sheng Corporation) Rose bandung drink, 300 mL.

Bandung drink history.



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