2010 Uniquely Singapore to YourSingapore.com, Singapore

8 October 2010, Friday

It was a bit out of the way to photograph the Uniquely Singapore signboard, in 2009, at the Tourist Court, 1 Orchard Spring Lane.

A few months later, the Singapore Tourism Board changed the slogan to YourSingapore.com from Uniquely Singapore. That is how fast things changes here in Singapore.

I finally took some time today to go down and photograph the new signboard, YourSingapore.com.

I also accidentally found a Merlion at the Tourist Court.

]1[ Singapore Tourism Board signboard.

Singapore Tourism Board
Tourist Court
1 Orchard Spring Lane
Singapore 247729

]2[ Uniquely Singapore signboard , photo was taken in 2009.

]3[ YourSingapore.com signboard, photo was taken in 2010.

]4[ Mission statement of YourSingapore.com.

]5[ Merlion at Tourist Court.

]6[ Merlion front view.

]7[ Merlion side view.


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