2010 Karas Kustoms iPhone 4 case, USA

13 October 2010, Wednesday

Karas Kustoms out of Arizona, USA, has designed and made inhouse an anodised aluminium open case for the iPhone 4, thickness of the aluminium is 1.5 mm.

There are a few colours to choose from their website, priced at US$49 about S$66 for international order.

It took one week to arrive here in Singapore.

After using it for a day, I find that it is very uncomfortable to use as it feels like it is cutting your palm since it has a very small surface area to hold on, the Karas Kustoms case is not flushed with the sides of the iPhone 4.

]1[ Karas Kustoms iPhone 4 case in a sealed plastic package.

Package includes the aluminium case, instruction manual, two extra torx screws and a torx wrench.

]2[ Bare Karas Kustoms case for iPhone 4.

]3[ Putting in the iPhone 4 into the Karas Kustoms case.

The iPhone 4 is being held in place by the four black delrin spacers.

]4[ Tightening the torx screws with the provided torx wrench.

]5[ Front view with the iPhone 4.

]6[ Back view.

]7[ Top view.

]8[ Speaker and power/data port view.

Poddities NETSUKE lanyard strap attachment for iPhone 4, Singapore

]9[ Sim card tray side view.

]10[ Ringer and volume buttons side view.


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