2010 OCT Great Eastern Women 10K, Singapore

31 October 2010, Sunday

Firstly, congratulations to all the women who completed the 10 km and 5 km run.

There was a slight shower in the morning and we were  grateful that there was no haze from Indonesia.

The 10 km race started at around 0700 hrs while the 5 km at 0830 hours, the 5 km run was started later to clear and make way for the 10 km runners.

Congratulations to Vivian Tang and Trudy for winning again in this year the Great Eastern 10K run.

]1[ Toilet break before the run.

Massive queue due to the small number of Porta Johns at the starting point.

]2[ Starting line of the 2010 Great Eastern women 10K run.

]3[ Sea of red now.

]4[ Vivian Tang, making a U turn at Nicoll Highway.

]5[ Halloween runner.

]6[ Fixing your crocodile Adidas running shoes.

A runner fixing both her Adidas running shoes with masking tape provided by the road marshal.

]7[ Mum to be on the extreme right.

]8[ The Women Open winners with their cheque.

1st Vivian Tang (Centre)
2nd Trudy Fawcett (Left)
3rd Krista Patlovich (Right)

]9[ The Women Masters winners.

1st Vivian Tang (Centre)
2nd Trudy Fawcett (Left)
3rd Siobhan McHugh (Right)

]10[ The Women Under 19 winners.

1st Belle Tan (Centre)
2nd Clara Wong (Left)
3rd Dana Fritz (Right)


More photos in Flickristan.


]2009 NOV[ Great Eastern Women 10K, Singapore



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