2010 Design360: Think Tank Photo Modular Set, Singapore

The Think Tank Photo Modular Set is priced at S$239 here in Singapore.

It comes with one general purpose pouch, one speedlight pouch and four lens pouches of various sizes.

Breakdown of pouch prices individually, a total of S$299 compared to the Modular Set price of S$239, a savings of 20% as mentioned on the Think Tank Photo website.

Speed Changer – S$69
LC 75 Pop Down – S$50
Lens Changer 50 – S$39
Lens Changer 35 – S$37 
Large Lens Drop In – S$55
Lightning Fast – S$49

]1[ Think Tank Photo Modular Set box.

]2[ Side view of box.

]3[ Another view of the box.

]4[ Think Tank Photo pouches in the box.

]5[ Instruction manuals and catalog.

]6[ Speed Changer front view.

]7[ Speed changer second zippered compartment.

]8[ Speed changer third zippered compartment.

]9[ LC 75 Pop Down.

]10[ LC 75 Pop Down zippered bottom unzipped and extended.

]11[ LC 75 Pop Down close up view of the extended area.

]12[ Lens Changer 50.

]13[ Lens Changer 35.

]14[ Large Lens Drop In.

]15[ Large Lens Drop In raincover at the bottom.

]16[ Large Lens Drop In closing hood.

]17[ Lightning Fast.

]18[ Lightning Fast second zippered compartment.

]19[ Think Tank Photo Modular pouches on Steroid Speed Belt™ V2.0.


2 Responses to “2010 Design360: Think Tank Photo Modular Set, Singapore”

  1. 1 Dee 03/03/2011 at 00:37


    I’m in the process considering this or the lowepro. How you find the padding for this Thintank?

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