2010 Tearing down of the National Stadium, Singapore

First we had to say goodbye to the National Library and now we also have to say goodbye to the National Stadium.

Only a small part of the National Stadium is still standing before it will be razed to the ground.

The tearing down part will be completed in March 2011 before the start of building the New Sports Hub that will be completed in the year 2014.

I was fortunate enough to capture a SAF Leopard tank 2SG and Terrex ICV passing through the National Stadium for the National Day Parade rehearsal in August.

Personally for me, with the tearing down of the National Stadium, it is a sign of the slow death of Singapore’s football era unlike it’s heyday with the Malaysia cup.

We also have to say goodbye to the jersey of the Singapore’s diehard fans.

Thanks National Stadium, we are going to miss you always.

]1[ Eyes in the skies, satellite view of the National Stadium from Google map.

]2[ First and last shot of a SAF Leopard 2SG with the National Stadium as a background.

]3[ A Terrex ICV crew having a look while passing the National Stadium.

]4[ A last look of the National Stadium.

]5[ Excavators busy at work.

]6[ Stairway to heaven, background is the Jamiyah Islamic Centre.

]7[ Last few structures left of the National Stadium.

More photos in Flickristan.



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