2010 DEC Standard Chartered Marathon, Singapore

5 December 2010 Sunday

This is the biggest sporting event here in Singapore and from the news, there was a total of 60 000 marathon runners.

Before the start of the full marathon, there was a massive queue for the Porta Johns and most resorted to take a piss near the canals and bushes when the run started.

Photography wise, it was a bit frustrating with the two tier barricades near the end point of the marathon and road marshallers not allowing to take photos in some areas.

Medical cover wise, I had to put down my camera to help out as there was a casualty who had a fit at the Esplanade bridge and the first aiders were not sure what to do. The road marshaller was not sure of her exact location to call for the ambulance and the ambulance crew attending that case were not proficient with their equipments.

In the ambulance, there was a discussion of who should follow the casualty to the treatment area.

Another photographer also came in to help direct the runners away from the casualty.

I was shaking my head in disbelief and took me some time to get back to my photography mode.

]1[ Massive queue for the Porta Johns before the start of the marathon.

]2[  Kenyan powerhouse runners at the starting line of the Standard Chartered Marathon, 0500 hrs.

Kenneth Mburu Mungara, tag number 1, the winner for the marathon.

]3[ Ben & Jerry maid supporters at 0500 hours, never too early for eye candy.

]4[ Shouldn’t you people be sleeping like the advertisement at this bus stop ?

]5[ Massive running instead of shopping at Orchard Road.

]6[ Pissing in the city, if you’ve to go, near the KPO.

]7[ Passing the gingerbread house, Central Fire Station, at the 2 km mark.

]8[  South Africa Annerien Van Schalkwyk coming in third clocking in at 2 hours 35 minutes and 33 seconds.

God is mighty slow but always on time. Train hard win easy.

]9[ Two tier barricades.

]10[ Astros Cheerleading Team performing on stage.

More photos in Flickristan.

]2010 DEC[ Standard Chartered Marathon, Singapore



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