2011 JAN Margaret Drive and Queenstown, Singapore

1 January 2011, Saturday

Firstly, a happy new year 2011 to all the readers of my WordPresskistan and Flickristan.

May this year be better than the last year for all of us.

I am starting the new year 2011, with the photos of the Commonwealth Avenue cooked food centre that will be closed at the end of the month of February 2011 after being delayed.

This area is slated for redevelopment, a mixture of private and public houses.

The Queenstown Remand Prison has been levelled to the ground before I was able to take photos of it.

]1[ Commonwealth Avenue cooked food centre.

]2[ The Makan Place.

]3[ A typical drink stall at a hawker food centre here in Singapore.


Former Queenstown Cinema and Bowl.

The former Queenstown Cinema and Bowl is a popular subject for photographers heading to Queenstown.

This cinema has been vacant for many years. I have never watched a movie at this cinema.

]5[ Former Queenstown Cinema and Bowl.

]6[ Queensway.


]8[ An NTUC Fairprice supermarket near the cinema.

Queenstown Public Library.

The first public library is the Queenstown Public Library.

Personally for me this a little gem of a library here in Singapore.

Sitting down in the library and looking out through the glass windows, it seems that you are transported back to Singapore in the 1970’s with the old style HDB flats.

]9[ Poster for the 40th anniversary of the Queenstown Public Library, 1970 – 2010.

]10[ The library was repainted in 2009.

]11[ Another view of the Queenstown Public Library.

]12[ View of the old HDB flats from the study area of the library.

]13[ Down the road, the former Queenstown Polyclinic,  which is now converted into a workers dormitory.

Mystery of the lion statues at Margaret Drive.

I’ve been intrigued by the two lion statues while walking towards the Queenstown Library.

Apparently, there was a Buddha statue in the middle of the lion statues. I’m not sure what happened to the Buddha statue as it was not there when I took the photos in 2009.

I am also not sure of the fate of the two lion statues as it was removed in 2009.

]14[ Lion statue heads near Margaret Drive.

]15[ The lion statues.

]16[ Close up view.

]17[ Side view.

]18[ I was finally able to find a photo of the Buddha with the two lion statues.

Photo by Pineapplet from rctech taken in 2003.

More photos in Flickristan.



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