2011 JAN My Journey, 30 years on by Joe McNally at GV Vivocity, Singapore


It was too heavy for me to carry a DSLR from my workplace to GV Vivocity. Therefore I decided to just carry a point and shoot camera for the talk by Joe McNally.

Funny enough, I first saw Joe McNally while making my way to the toilet and he was dressed out of place with the grey suit. Most people here will be dressed in their polo shirts with the hot and humid weather in Singapore.

It was a great presentation by Joe McNally, showing the photos he had taken and the processes needed to produce them.

Many thanks to Nikon Singapore and Clubsnap Singapore for organising the night with Joe McNally at GV Vivocity.

]1[ Queueing to get into the cinema half an hour before the talk.

]2[ Nikon and Clubsnap crew scrambling for the last minute touches witnessed by a Joe McNally photo.

]3[ Joe McNally sharing the photos in his earlier photography career.


]5[ Joe McNally capturing actress Michelle Yeo suspended from a helicopter near the Hollywood signboard.

]6[ Photo for Nikon.

]7[ Ballerina girl in China.

]8[ Packed GV Vivocity cinema by Singapore photographers.

]9[ Joe McNally answering some questions from the floor.

]10[ Joe McNally receiving some gifts from Nikon Singapore as a token of appreciation.


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