2011 MAR Australia International Airshow and Aerospace and Defence Exposition, Avalon Airshow, Australia

8 March 2011 Tuesday

I’m back from Melbourne Australia after the 2011 Avalon Airshow, billed as the biggest airshow in the southern hemisphere.

The admission price for the three public days was A$55 per day.

040311 (Fri), 2011 Avalon Airshow Public Day One.

]1[ Southern Cross station.

Victoria Lines railway tickets return cost A$17 which includes the connecting bus service from Lara station to the airshow site, an hour journey.

]2[ Special Victoria Lines railway service to Lara station for the airshow.

]3[ Crossing the railway lines at Lara station to get to the buses to the Avalon Airshow.

Journey from the Lara station to the airshow site took about 30 minutes.

 ]4[ Toilet trailer instead of Porta Johns.

]5[ Welcome to Nandostan fast food country.

]6[ Royal Australian Navy (RAN) MRH90 that will be replacing the Sea King helicopters this year.

]7[ Main star of the event, USAF F22 Raptor 525th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron, at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska.

]8[ Security detail for the USAF F22 Raptors.

Sit Ubu sit, good dog.

]9[ Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) F/A 18 Hornet.

]10[ Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) 90th anniversary 1921 – 2011.

050311 (Sat), 2011 Avalon Airshow Public Day Two.

]11[ Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Roulettes Pilatus PC-9/A aircrafts.

]12[ Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Superpuma and F16C.

]13[ Runway aircraft mix from USN Seahawk, RAF and USAF C130J.

]14[ Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) B737 – AEW&C Wedgetail.

The blue Australian sky being reflected on the body of the top hat.

]15[ Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) B737-AEW&C Wedgetail pilot talking with the public.

060311 (Sun), 2011 Avalon Airshow Public Day Three.

]16[ Auscam Sniper, I still call Australia home.

]17[ Two USAF F22 Raptor in Australia.

]18[ Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) F/A-18F Super Hornet, Weapon Systems Officer (WSO), Flying Officer Adele Merriman talking with the public.

Adele Merriman – A passion for fast flight

Navigating the skies in a fast jet was always on the cards for Adele Merriman.

Even as a student at St Johns in Dubbo Adele had an obsession with aircraft and flying. “When I researched a career in aviation the training, opportunities and aircraft the RAAF offered were exactly what I was looking for,” she said.

After enjoying time in the Air Force Cadets, Adele joined the RAAF in 2005 with a dream of flying fast jet aircraft. She graduated from the Officer Training School in Point Cook and went on to complete her training as an F-111 Navigator and is now operating the F/A-18F Super Hornet as a WSO (Weapon Systems Officer).

“What I love most about my job is the opportunities that the Air Force provides to conduct training and exercises with all arms of our ADF and Defence Forces from other countries while operating one of the most advanced weapon platforms,” said Flying Officer Merriman.

She also likes the close bonds and friendships she has with those she works with, it’s great “knowing that they are all highly trained and that some day you may have to fight alongside them” she added. 

Adele was recently interviewed for the upcoming book Air Force by Ian McPhedran, available on 1 August.

“I was looking forward to being able to promote what we do in the Air Force and providing an accurate portrayal of what is actually involved in being fast jet aircrew,” she said.

When her feet are on the ground Adele enjoys socialising with friends, visiting family, watching sport and going fishing.

From Australia Department of Defence website.


More photos in Flickristan.

]2011 MAR[ Australia International Airshow and Aerospace and Defence Exposition, Avalon Airshow, Geelong Australia


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  1. 1 ruixiang 14/03/2011 at 17:03

    Very nice photos taken there!

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