2011 MAR Melbourne and Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

18 March 2011 Friday

A short holiday to Melbourne – The Place to be for the Avalon Airshow 2011.

]1[ Tour Bus – Go West Tours.

]2[ Toilet at Bell’s Beach.

]3[ The Great Ocean Road Memorial Arch.

]4[ A beautiful house on the hilltop.

]5[ A signboard to remind American tourists to drive on the left, Drive On Left In Australia.

]6[ Koalas at Kennett River.

The small hamlet of Kennett River on the Great Ocean Road is one of the best places in Australia to see koalas in the wild.

]7[ The twelve Apostles.

]8[ Helicopter tours.

Melbourne City.

]9[ Docklands artworks.

International corporate offices and many great looking architecture buildings here.

]10[ South Wharf.

Many factory outlet store located here like Adidas, Nike and 2XU to name a few.

]11[ The ever busy Flinders station.

Former Lonsdale Power Station.

]12[ No Jobs on a dead planet.

Photo taken in 2006.

]13[ Upcoming residential area for the former Lonsdale Power Station.

]14[ Norsiah’s kitchen


Smith Street.

]16[ Efes Kebab.

]17[ Interior of Efes Kebab.

]18[ Factory outlets.

St Kilda’s.

]19[ Blue skies at St Kilda’s beach.

]20[ Suntanning.

]21[ Luna Park.

More photos in Flickristan.



2 Responses to “2011 MAR Melbourne and Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia”

  1. 1 Andy 07/09/2011 at 09:32

    hi, stumble upon this page while researching for my aussie trip in a couple of weeks’ time. Can I ask if those outlets are at South Wharf? Near DFO?

  2. 2 xtemujin 07/09/2011 at 19:51

    The factory outlet shop photos here are at Smith Street and not at DFO South Wharf.

    The DFO South Wharf is more of a shopping centre near the Etihad Stadium.


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