2011 MAR The Merlion Hotel, Singapore Biennale, Singapore

18 March 2011, Friday

Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi has transformed the Merlion into the Merlion Hotel for the 2011 Singapore Biennale.

Unfortunately, there are no information board about what is happening with the Merlion for the tourists. The tourists are left seeing a red box covering the Merlion.

I have talked with some of the tourists and they thought that they have to pay to see the Merlion inside the red box.

Moreover, most of the tourists are on tour groups and are pressed for time and not able to wait and queue up to see the Merlion.

]1[ The Merlion Hotel with the backdrop of Singapore’s Central Business District.

]2[ Queueing to enter the Merlion Hotel.

]3[ Interior of the hotel.

]4[ View from the bathtub.

]5[ Gentle Reminder.

]6[ Tourists taking photos with the smaller Merlion.

]7[ A tourist looking at the red box The Merlion Hotel.

]8[ New Singapore skyline.

More photos in Flickristan.



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