2011 Fujifilm Finepix F550 EXR, Singapore

30 March 2011, Wednesday

After coming back from the 2011 Avalon Airshow, Australia, I felt the need to carry a point and shoot camera with an embedded GPS chipset.

It was the same situation where I have no idea where the photos were taken without the GPS coordinates when I am back in Singapore.

I first found out about the Fujifilm XP30 then the F550 EXR. I am not sure of the GPS chipset used for the F550. However, cold startup to get a GPS lock was about five minutes.

I bought it at Harvey Norman at a price of S$549 with free gifts of 2 x 8 GB SDHC card, mini tripod, camera case, card reader, screen protector and a third party battery.

I have been testing and evaluating the F550 EXR and find that the constant popping up of the flash when it is switched on is a major annoyance and I am also experiencing that the NP50 battery on standby goes flat in just one day.

Update: 060411 (Wed)

I’ve sent my Fujifilm F550 EXR, because of the battery drain, to the Fujifilm service centre and have to wait for about two weeks for the repair.


I’ve received my F550EXR after nearly three weeks of waiting for the repair.

I was told by the customer support officer that the camera was recalibrated and firmware updated. The battery drain has been solved.

However, I’m still annoyed by the camera flash popping up when it is powered up.

]1[ Fujifilm F550 EXR box set.

]2[ Box opened.

]3[ Free gifts with the Fujifilm F550 EXR from Harvey Norman.

2 x 8 GB SDHC card, mini tripod, camera case, card reader, screen protector and a third party battery.

]4[ Front view of camera.

]5[ Top view of camera.

]6[ Lens at closed position.

]7[ Lens and flash at opened position.

]8[ Battery and SD card slot.

]9[ HDMI and USB ports.

]10[ Slanted PSAM command dial.

]11[ Video of the F550 EXR switched on and off.

Some photos and videos from the Fujifilm F550 EXR.



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