2011 MAY Last SDP and WP Rally, Singapore

5 May 2011 Thursday

This is the last rally for all the political parties before the “cooling day” on 6 May 2011 (Fri) and the voting on 7 May 2011 (Sat).

The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) did their lunch time rally at the UOB Centre, Raffles Place.

There was a huge lunch time crowd for the SDP rally.

]1[ The SDP Danny the Democracy Bear.

]2[ The MC’s.

]3[ Dr Chee Soon Juan, Secretary-General of the SDP.

 ]4[ The lunch time crowd at Raffles Place for the SDP rally.

]5[ L2R: Dr Vincent Wijeysingha, Dr James Gomez and Alec Tok.

]6[ Say No to 10% GST sticker on the floor at the UOB Centre.

Worker’s Party rally at the Serangoon Stadium in the evening from 1900 – 2200 hours.

]7[ A  WP supporter poster.

]8[ L2R: Eric Tan, Glenda Han Su May and Png Eng Huat.

]9[ WP supporters at the Serangoon Stadium.

]10[ WP Chen Show Mao showing his Singapore IC and passport to the appreciative crowds.

]11[ The WP team group photo.

]12[ Video of Singapore’s pledge taking lead by WP Pritam Singh.

More photos in Flickristan.



2 Responses to “2011 MAY Last SDP and WP Rally, Singapore”

  1. 1 bookjunkie 10/05/2011 at 00:33

    awesome photos…loved Danny the bear and Chen Show Mao displaying his red passport and pink IC 🙂

  2. 2 xtemujin 12/05/2011 at 11:25

    Lol, yeah Danny the democracy bear and it was a surprise to see Chen Show Mao showing his IC and passport.

    Many thanks.

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