2011 JUNE NDP Singapore Combat Engineer Rehearsal, Singapore


Today, while I was walking back from the PC Show 2011 being held at Suntec City, I came across the Singapore Combat Engineers (SCE) practising at Marina Bay with the General Dynamics M3G Amphibious Bridging and Ferrying System.

If this seems like deja vu, the firing of the presidential gun salute on the M3G was first started in the year 2009.

For this practise session, there were no 21 pounder guns on the M3G.

What has changed for this year National Day Parade at the Marina Bay floating platform is the completion of the Marina Bay Sands casino which makes a wonderful back drop and also the ability for some to enjoy the “eyes in the skies” from the Marina Bay Sands Skypark.

]1[ Panorama of the Marina Bay Sands Casino and Singapore’s Central Business district.

]2[ Getting a feel of the area before the firing.

]3[ Passing the Merlion.

]4[ Pyrotechnic barge.

]5[ Ongoing construction at the Marina Bay floating platform for the visual display.

Some photos in Flickristan.



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