2011 JUNE Closing of KTM Tanjong Pagar station, Singapore

30 June 2011, Thursday

It seems like it was only yesterday that I was enjoying my makan of chapati with keema, teh halia and watching train passengers disembarking from the Kuala Lumpur to Singapore train stop at KTM Tanjong Pagar station.

Fast forward to today, I have come down to photograph the closing of the KTM Tanjong Pagar station as it will revert to Singapore control.

The KTM trains will now operate at the Woodlands station for the time being before it totally stops serving Singapore in the near future.

It was already crowded when I reached the station and some people were catching the montage video prepared by the KTM staff, some were busy buying KTM souvenirs, taking photos and most were soaking up the atmosphere.

The last train from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore arrived at 2200 hours and it was not that crowded.

The Sultan of Johor,  Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, has made a special trip to Singapore as he will be driving the last train from KTM Tanjong Pagar station to Woodlands Immigration checkpoint and Johor Baru Sentral.

]1[ The makan crowds on the last weekend operation of the canteen.

]2[ Buying the train tickets on the last weekend of train service.

]3[ Train tickets all sold out.

]4[ Stesen Keretapi Tanjong Pagar tshirt at S$20.

]5[ Video montage by the KTM staff.

]6[ Singapore media at the KTM Tanjong Pagar station for the closing ceremony.

]7[ Last KTM Tanjong Pagar station manager Shamsul Bahari signs autographs for visitors.

]8[ KTM lady staffs with their distinctive tudung, long blue sleeved shirt and long black skirt uniform.

]9[ Last passengers from Kuala Lumpur to KTM Tanjong Pagar station Singapore.

]10[ The Sultan of Johor,  Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar, mingling with the crowds.

More photos in Flickristan.



3 Responses to “2011 JUNE Closing of KTM Tanjong Pagar station, Singapore”

  1. 1 ayau 10/07/2011 at 15:08

    i missed so much tanjong pagar station since i leave singapore on 2003.
    and with this shocking news that tanjong pagar gonna be closed forever
    making me very sad and missed all the crowed placese i’ve ever been.

  2. 2 borisearth 16/07/2011 at 11:43

    Nice shots. Will miss the food stalls & atmosphere a lot. I have some pictures from the last month on my photoblog here:


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