2011 JULY Shape Run, Nicoll Highway, Singapore

240711 (Sun)

This is the second women specific  run for the month of July as there was the Great Eastern Women 10K about three weeks ago.

News from the media was that there were 8000 women runners.

Even taking the first MRT train, I missed the start of the 10 km Shape run 2011 at Nicoll Highway as it started at 0700 hours.

]1[ Massive queue to use the Porta John before the start of the 5 km run.

]2[ The start line of the 5 km run at 0735 hours.

]3[ Leading the blind towards the massage station.

They were working as massagers at the Panaflex booth.

]4[ First runner to finish the 10 km route, Eunice Muchiri,  34 min 18 seconds.

]5[ Having a drink at the hydration point.

Water and isotonic drinks were provided to the runners.

]6[ Running and chatting with friends along the way.

]7[ Shape Magazine editor giving out the winner plaque.

]8[ Group photo of the corporate run winners.

]9[ Group photo of the top ten 5 km runners jumping for joy.

]10[ Group photo of the top ten 10 km runners + one baby boy.

Some photos in Flickristan.


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