2011 JULY NDP Preview, Singapore

30 July 2011 Saturday

The lockdown of the roads near the Marina Bay Floating platform started at 1400 hours.

]1[ Invited foreign military attache for the NDP 2011 Preview.

 ]2[ Benjamin Sheares bridge closed for pedestrian traffic for the NDP Preview and actual NDP.

]3[ A Brahminy kite catching a fish before the arrival of the M3G with the 21 pounder guns.

]4[ A SCDF John Deere HAZMAT utility buggy. 

Returning to the holding area after the first practice rehearsal in the afternoon wearing full chemical protective gear. 

]5[ Jump for joy with two more NDP sessions to go.

]6[ The colours party marching towards the Singapore Flyer for the uncasing ceremony.

]7[ Streamer with the word Timika 1996 on the UAV command flag.

I note that Afghanistan is not the only operational deployment of Singapore owned pilotless drones. The TNI and SAF also worked together in hostage rescue operations in West Papua in 1996. An SAF Remotely Piloted Vehicle detachment worked closely with the Indonesian special forces in Timika in West Papua, providing surveillance which proved crucial in facilitating the successful rescue of Indonesian and foreign hostages (from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Germany) taken by the Organisasi Papua Merdeka or Free Papua Movement. The RSAF’s then Tactical Air Support Command (now renamed Air Defence and Operations Command) received a campaign streamer for that. Streamer is navy blue with a red stripe between two thin yellow lines throughout its length and inscribed with “Timika 1996” in white and the streamer was inherited by the UAV Command Regimental Colour in 2011. See this indirect reference of that hostage rescue by the Singapore Defence Minister, in a Dec 2010 speech at the Indonesia Defence University, where he said:- “In previous years, we have managed to operate together to carry out some missions to safeguard the lives of Indonesian and foreign citizens in Indonesia.”

Explanation of the Timika 1996 streamer courtesy of OPSSG.


Speech by Minister for Defence Teo Chee Hean about the Timika incident, page 49.


]8[ Military vehicles convoy for the Dynamic Defence Display (D3).

LTR: Trailblazer, Terrex ICV and HIMARS.

]9[ A Leopard L2SG tank crew, 3SG Chua W K, smiling for the camera.

]10[ Leopard 2 Bergepanzer BPz3 Buffel, Armoured Recovery Vehicle (ARV).

]11[ Video of the Dynamic Defence Display (D3) military vehicles.

More photos in Flickristan.

]2011 JULY[ National Day Parade, National Education Show, Singapore


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