2012 RMAF MIG29 performing at the Singapore Airshow, Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore

31 January 2012 Tuesday

There was a tweet last week by Malaysian defence correspondent Dzirhan Mahadzir that the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) MIG29 will be performing at the Singapore Airshow 2012.

Repost: RMAF Chief confirmed to me that 6 RMAF MiG-29s will be at Singapore Airshow for all days.

Today, the mainstream media from Singapore and Malaysia have confirmed the tweet.

The RMAF MIG29N will most probably do the aerobatic display like the one at BRIDEX 2011, do catch it on youtube.

Photos from 2011 LIMA, Malaysia.

]1[ RMAF MIG29N pilots walking on the tarmac towards the aircrafts.

]2[ Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) MIG29N tail livery.

RMAF MIG-29  M43-03 from 17 Squadron with its new tail livery commemorating the squadron’s 53rd anniversary.

]3[ RMAF MIG29N deployment of flares.


]5[ RMAF MIG29N landing with drag parachute deployed.

]6[ RMAF MIG29 Smokey Bandits pilots.

L2R: Maj Nasruddin Khalid, Maj Razali Ahmad Jumali, Lt Col Mior Nor Badrishah Mohamad, ?, Maj Azri Ahmad.

]7[ The full crew of RMAF MIG29 Smokey Bandits pilots.


Hopefully, we are able to see the RMAF SU30MKM performing here in Singapore one of this day.

Royal Malaysian Air Force to send largest contingent of warplanes to Singapore Airshow


RMAF Display Team to attend Singapore Airshow


More photos in Flickristan.

]2011 DEC[ Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition, Langkawi, Malaysia

]2012 FEB[ Singapore Airshow, Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore


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