2012 FEB Singapore Airshow, Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore

14 February 2012 Tueday

140212 (Tue) Trade Day One

The biannual Singapore Airshow is back again.

]1[ Indonesian Minister of Defence Dr Purnomo Yusgiantoro inspecting the RSAF Apache AH64D.

Tentara Nasional Indonesia – Angkatan Udara (TNI – AU) is in the process of requesting to buy eight Apache attack helicopter from USA. 

]2[ Aerobatic display by the RSAF F15SG and F16C.

RSAF F15SG piloted by Major Yip Chuang Syn and the F16C by Major Desmond Too.

]3[ A USAF C17 Globemaster III doing a flight demo by the Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) Demonstration Team, US Air Force Pacific Air Command at Hickam Air Base, Hawaii, USA.

]4[ Aerobatic display by RMAF MIG29N Smokey Bandits.

RMAF No. 17/19 Squadron, Kuantan Air Force Base, Malaysia.

]5[ Aerobatic display by the RAAF Roulettes,  Pilatus PC-9/A aircraft.

RAAF Roulettes, Central Flying School (CFS), RAAF Base East Sale, Victoria, Australia.

]6[ USAF B52 Stratofortress doing a flypast, deployed from Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, to Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, USA.

]7[ L2R: RSAF Chief of the Air Force Major General Ng Chee Meng and RMAF Chief of the Air Force General Tan Sri Dato Sri Rodzali bin Daud.

Background is the RMAF MIG29N.

]8[ Group photo of RSAF and RMAF aerobatic display pilots with Defence Ministers and Chief of Air Force.  

L2R: Background aircraft is RMAF MIG29N and RSAF F15SG.

]9[ Group photo of RMAF MIG29N Smokey Bandits at the Singapore Airshow 2012.

Led by Commanding Officer (CO) Lt Col Mior Nor Badrishah, fourth from the left.

]10[ A last minute addition, Royal Air Force (RAF) A330 MRTT Voyager.

The RAF A330 MRTT is on static display during the trade days for only two days , 14 (Tue) – 15 (Wed) February 2012.

150212 (Wed) Trade Day Two

]11[ The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner tour here in Singapore.

]12[ Queue to see the interior of the B787.

]13[ The lovely crew from Boeing with a megawatt smile.

]14[ Slotting in a model shoot at the Singapore Airshow.

]15[ AM General right handed drive Humvee being marketed in the Asia Pacific region.

]16[ New glass display for the F15 Advance Cockpit simulator at the Boeing booth.

]17[ Major Williamston from the Scots Dragoon sharing their experience of using the Warthog in Afghanistan, at the ST Kinetics booth.

170212 (Fri) Trade Day Four

I went down today to say goodbye to a young lady leaving for Seattle soon and welcoming a beautiful old lady for her last show.

]18[ Boeing B787 being towed away to make way for the SIA B747-400.

]19[ Good to go thumbs up from the SIA Engineering crew.

]20[ Boeing B787 heading towards the runway.

]21[ SIA B747-400 being towed into the static displaya area (SADA).

]22[ Foreground is the RMAF MIG29N with tail livery.

RMAF MIG29N  M43-03 from 17 Squadron with its new tail livery commemorating the squadron’s 53rd anniversary.




People at Singapore Airshow 2012

]26[ A lady videographer using a handwheel rig.

]27[ A lady reporter doing her television report.

]28[ A lady Sikorsky staff having a conversation.

More photos in Flickristan.

]2012 FEB[ Singapore Airshow, Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore

]2010 FEB[ Singapore Airshow, Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore


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  1. 1 Ming 15/02/2012 at 20:43

    Very nice coverage there xtemujin as usual. Thanks for sharing.

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