2012 JUNE NDP Second Combined Rehearsal CR2, Singapore

30 June 2012 Saturday

My last blog post for the month of June and hello July 2012.

There were a lot of people watching the NDP second combined rehearsal.

Unfortunately, we were greeted with grey skies and two rock concerts next door.

During the national anthem, Majulah Singapura,  with the Chinook carrying the state flag, the rock concert did not stopped and continued with their singing.

I am not a fan of capturing fireworks so you will not find any photos of it.


]1[ Band performance by primary school students at the Merlion Park.

]2[ Safety cover at the open water provided by the combat engineers on the assault boat.

]3[ Military Police with sparklers for the NDP performance.

]4[ Combined team from the Hometeam and SAF performing on motorcycles.

]5[ Red Lions parachute team back on terra firma.

Some colours in an otherwise grey affair.

]6[ Presidential gun salute.

]7[ Five 25 pounders ceremonial guns on M3G Amphibious Bridging and Ferrying System getting ready to return after the presidential gun salute.

General Dynamics European Land Systems M3G.

]8[ Naval display from the Police Coast Guard (PCG) two Interceptor Craft and Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) four RHIB.

]9[ RSN RHIB armed with a CIS 50 MG getting close to the spectators.

]10[ Four RSAF F16D+ doing a double criss cross over the Marina Reservoir.

]11[ A solo RSAF F15SG with full afterburners doing a few aerobatic display under the grey skies.

Many thanks to the solo RSAF F15SG with full afterburners, l could not capture it well. But it really made my day.

]12[ Video: Five 25 pounder ceremonial guns on M3G Amphibious Bridging and Ferrying System getting into firing position.

More photos in Flickristan.

]2012 JUNE[ Combined Rehearsal, National Day Parade, Singapore


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