2012 JULY Shape Run, Nicoll Highway, Singapore

15 July 2012 Sunday

My first take of a running event for this year. Same like last year, I missed the start of the 10 km run because I am taking the public transport.

This is the first only female running event and information from the news was that there were 8600 female runners and 30 male pacers. I am not sure how well the ladies take having male pacers in an all female running event.

There were no African runners, Vivian Tang and Anne Date for the 2012 Shape Run Singapore.

What is interesting about the Shape Run is the sheer number of Porta John catered for the event.

The queue to get the goodie bag was crazy.

Congratulations to all the ladies who completed the morning run.

See you ladies again at the 2012 Great Eastern Women’s Run,  11 November 2012 Sunday, The Float@Marina Bay.

Carpe Diem.

]1[ Massive queue to use the Porta John before the start of the 5 km run.

]2[ Warm up conducted by instructors from True Fitness.

]3[ Raise both your arms when nearing the end point.

]4[ First introduction of male pacers for the 2012 Shape Run Singapore.

]5[ Sea of fuschia or maybe pink now.

]6[ Enjoy your drink of isotonic and water  in peace, still looking great after the 10 km run.

]7[ Running with shades on, go towards the light ladies.

]8[ Crazy queue at the collection point for the runner’s kit after the run.

]9[ Closeup view of the queueing crowd.

]10[ Surrounded by hot and sweaty ladies.

]11[ Mother and daughter in the top ten of the 10 km run.

]12[ The 10 km winners top ten group photo.

]13[ Close shop for the Porta John.

]14[ A song dedication, see you at the next running event.

More photos in Flickristan.

]2012 JULY[ Shape Run, Nicoll Highway, Singapore

]2011 JULY[ Shape Run, Nicoll Highway, Singapore



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