2013 JUNE Funan Anime Matsuri, Funan DigitaLife Mall, Singapore

1 June 2013 Saturday

It was very challenging to photograph the cosplayers as the area is too small with the booths, stage area and the weekend crowds at Funan.

Invited celebrity cosplayers gracing the event, Kaname from Japan, Natumi from Taiwan, Clive from Singapore, Ying Tze and Angie from Malaysia.

Many thanks to all the cosplayers that posed without fear or favour.

Event: Funan Anime Matsuri
Date: 27 (Mon) May – 2 (Sun) June 2013
Time: 1100-2000 hours
Venue: Funan DigitaLife Mall

]1[ The stage area with the crowds.

]2[ Clive doing a lecture about constructing the mecha.

]3[ Cosplayers.





]8[ Valerie from Asian Pop Collective.


]10[ L2R: Kanami, Clive, Ying Tze, Angie and Natumi. The judges for the cosplay competition.

]11[ A song dedication, see you at the next cosplay event.

Official website: Funan Anime Matsuri

More photos in Flickristan.

]2013 JUNE[ Anime Matsuri, Funan DigitaLife Mall, Singapore

]2012 JUNE[ Asia Cosplay Meet Thailand, Funan Digitalife Mall, Singapore


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