2013 JULY Ramadan Foodfest @ Bussorah Mall & Muscat Street, Singapore

13 July 2013 Saturday

The annual Ramadan foodfest is up and running for the muslims to buy their foods for their  break fast, iftar.

Do head down as there are many traditional and overseas foods on offering.

However, the prices there are a bit expensive and I was taken aback about the price of the lamb kebab at S$8.

Event: 2013 Ramadan Foodfest
Date: 10 (Wed) July – 6 (Tues) August 2013
Time: 1500 – 2000 hours (3pm – 8pm)
Venue: Bussorah Mall & Muscat Street (Near Sultan Mosque)

]1[ Banner for the 2013 Ramadan Foodfest on the fence of the Sultan Mosque.

]2[ Tourists waiting for their kebab at the Amirah’s grill food stall.

]3[ Price signboard by a food stall.

]4[ Bola kentang (Potato ball).

]5[ Arabian rice food stall, mandhi rice with chicken priced at S$5.50.

]6[ Drink stall selling the air katira, bandung and other drinks.

]7[ A makcik preparing the roti kirai/ jala.

]8[ The crowd queueing for the nasi briyani.

]9[ Tourists and locals going about buying the foods.

]10[ Sultan mosque giving out the porridge to the muslims for their break fast.

Some photos in Flickristan.

]2013 JULY[ Ramadan Foodfest at Bussorah Mall & Muscat Street, Singapore

]2012 JULY[ Ramadhan Food Bazaar, Muscat Street, Singapore


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