2014 JUNE RSAF First Internal Rehearsal, National Day Parade, Singapore

5 June 2014 Thursday

040614 (Wed)

This is the first RSAF internal rehearsal for the 2014 National Day Parade (NDP).

At first, there were two solo flypast by the RSAF F15SG.

The F15SG did seven flypast in arrowhead formation and the Chinook and two Apaches AH64D did three flypast.

]1[ Overcast skies with a view of the Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC).

]2[ The Merlion park crowded with tourists taking photos of the Merlion.

]3[ Solo RSAF F15SG flypast.

]4[ RSAF Chinook flanked by two Apache AH64D, background is Singapore’s financial district.

]5[ RSAF Chinook and Apaches making a turn at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center for the next round of flypast.

]6[ Five RSAF F15SG in arrowhead formation with one spare aircraft.

]7[ Closeup with of the RSAF F15SG.

]8[ RSAF F15SG.

More photos in Flickristan.

]2014 JUNE[ Combined Rehearsal, National Day Parade, Singapore

More information.

2014 RSAF Aerial Flypast Prior to and on  Singapore’s  National Day, 9TH August 2014

2014 NDP Installation for Fireworks Display and Closure of Marina Bay to Water Traffic


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