2015 FEB Australian International Airshow, Geelong, Australia

27 February 2015 Friday

270215 (Fri) Public Day One

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Event: 2015 Australian International Airshow
Date: 27 (Fri) – 28 (Sat) February and 1 (Sun) March 2015
Time: 9am – 5pm | 0900 – 1700 hours
Venue: Avalon Airport

]1[ Passengers from Southern Cross station alighting at Lara station for the bus service to the Avalon Airport.

]2[ Three RAAF FA18 returning after the aerobatic display.

]3[ Showcase of the RAAF C17 capabilities in the air.

]4[ USAF B52 Stratofortress did a flypast twice at the airshow.

]5[ RAAF FA18 passing the Avalon Airport.


]7[ RAAF C17 configured as an aeromedical flight.

]8[ JASDF KC767 at the background with the japanese airmen taiko drum performances.

]9[ JASDF KC767.

]10[ RAAF KC30A MRTT, showcase of the hose and drogue system.

]11[ Getting a better view with a ladder.

]12[ Taking a group photo with the JASDF personnel in kimono.

]13[ USAF F22 Raptor.

]14[ USAF Globalhawk.

]15[ USAF B52 Stratofortress bomb bay interior.

280215 (Sat) Public Day Two

It was still cloudy and a light drizzle on the second day for the public day.

I decided to take some photos at the exhibition halls.

]16[ View of the Melbourne Star Observation from inside the train.

]17[ Kongsberg Joint Strike Missile (JSM) mockup display.

]18[ Roketsan SOM mockup display.

]19[ US Department of Defense booth.

]20[ Warm up exercise for the RAAF military working dogs crew before the show.

]1[ RAN MH60 Romeo.

][ RAAF Heron UAV.


010315 (Sun) Public Day three

Blue skies in the early morning followed by cloudy skies in the late afternoon.

After the morning aerobatic display by the RSAF Blacknights, the two F16C were in the process of fixing the external fuel tanks for the journey back to Singapore.

]9[ Qantas 737 in the retro livery.



More photos in Flickristan.

]2015 FEB[ Australian International Airshow, Geelong, Australia

]2014 MAR[ RAAF Centenary of Military Aviation Air Show, RAAF Williams, Point Cook, Victoria, Australia


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