2015 JUNE Combined Rehearsal Two, National Day Parade, Singapore.

27 June 2015 Saturday

270615 (Sat)

Time flies and once again after five years, the National Day Parade (NDP) returns to the Padang with the mobile column segment.

This will be the first National Day Parade without Singapore’s founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, attending it as he passed away in March this year.

The second combined rehearsal (CR2), sees new SAF platforms that are being showcased for the first time for this NDP, the Renault Higuard 6×6 that will replace the V200, Rheinmetall Defence Kodiak Armoured Engineering Vehicle 3 (AEV 3) and the RSN Stealth Interceptor which caught everyone attention by surprise.

Unfortunately, there were two guardsmen sleeping on the Light Strike Vehicle (LSV) Mark II which was parked near the pedestrian bridge to Suntec City and it became a mini attraction with tourists and locals taking photos of them.

I tried to inform a sergeant who was walking at the pedestrian path to tell the guardsmen not to sleep on the LSV, but he just shrugged it off as the men were not from his unit.

I also have to mention that asking a few of the NSF soldiers on the ground about the next rehearsal timing, most answered that they have no idea about it. Seems that most were not properly briefed about the NDP programmes?

I did not stay for the second mobile column rehearsal and the flypast as the heat was getting to me.

]1[ Renault Higuard 6×6 armed with a GPMG RCWS, that will replace the V200.

]2[ RSN Stealth Interceptor.


]3[ RSN ScanEagle UAV catapult launcher.

]5[ Djigit twin mount Igla launch system mounted on a MB290 platform.

]6[ Rheinmetall Defence Kodiak Armoured Engineering Vehicle 3 (AEV 3).

]7[ Terrex ICV convoy parked at Nicoll Highway.

]8[ Leopard 2SG convoy parked near to the entrance of Suntec City.

]9[ RSAF Rafael Surface to air Python 5 and DERby Radar – Short-Range (SPYDER-SR) Missile Firing Units (MFU) ground based air defence system.

]10[ Singapore’s Central Business District with blue skies today.

]11[ A song dedication, see you at the next NDP Rehearsals.

More photos in Flickristan.

]2015 JUNE[ Combined Rehearsal, National Day Parade, Singapore

]2010 JUNE[ National Day Parade, Combined Rehearsal, Singapore


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