2015 OCT Rochor Centre HDB flats, Singapore

31 October 2015 Saturday

311015 (Sat)

The end of the road for the four HDB flats at Rochor Centre is nearing as they will be demolished in 2016 for a new expressway.

Many of the provision shops have closed down or relocated to another area.

I felt a great lost of not being able to take photos of a provision shop that sold household goods like spoon and plates as I have been buying from them since the 1980’s.

Talked to the owner a few years ago and was told that they moved in when the HDB flats were ready in 1977.

They decided to close shop for good as the rental for another shop location will be high and they were also getting old.

This is a good time to take photos of the Rochor Centre HDB flats as shops like the NTUC Fairprice is still in operation.

Right now, there is no exact date for the demolition of the flats.

]1[ Last 2015 National Day Parade to hang the Singapore flag.

]2[ Green, blue, yellow and red coloured flats.

]3[ The view of the green coloured flat from Bugis.

]4[ The view of the Rochor Centre atrium and Sim Lim Tower.

]5[ The fourth floor and the void deck.

]6[ The fourth floor and the void deck.

]7[ The fourth floor and also the void deck.

]8[ SG50 Community Quilts Orchard MRT, the exhibition at Blk 4, fourth floor.

]9[ The view of Bugis from the fourth floor.

]10[ The view of Sim Lim Tower from the third floor.

]11[ A song dedication, Saying goodbye is never an easy thing.

More photos in Flickristan.

]2015 OCT[ Rochor Centre HDB flats, Singapore


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