2015 NOV Home Team Festival, Singapore Expo, Singapore

13 November 2015 Friday

131115 (Fri) Day One

The Home Team is having a Home Team festival at the Singapore Expo.

There are demonstration by the various Home Team agencies which showcases the nature of what they do here to protect Singapore.


Event: 2015 Home Team Festival
Date and Time:
13 November 2015 Friday – 10 am – 8 pm | 1000 – 2000 hours
14 November 2015 Saturday – 11 am – 8 pm | 1100 – 2000 hours
15 November 2015 Sunday – 11 am – 7 pm | 1100 – 1900 hours
Venue: Hall 3, Singapore Expo
Admission: Free

]1[ Police Special Operation Command officers in full riot and patrol gear.

]2[ SCDF Medical Support Vehicle (MSV).

]3[ SCDF DART team demonstration, rescuing of trapped personnel.

]4[ CNB Special Task Force demonstration to take down a wanted drug peddler by force entry.

]5[ Police Special Operation Command troopers.

]6[ SPEAR Force demonstration, taking down of rioting prisoners.

]7[ SPEAR Force demonstration, taking down of rioting prisoners.

]8[ Pasar malam of SPF lethal and non lethal weapon.

]9[ Pasar malam of weapons used by the SPF.

]10[ CIS 0.50 HMG used by the Police Coast Guard (PCG).

]11[ FN Minimi M249 LMG used by the Gurkha Contingent.

]12[ AWP Sniper rifle with Schmidt & Bender scope used by the police sniper.

]13[ Sphinx 3000 handgun.

]14[ Pasar malam of the Police Coast Guard (PCG) individual issued kit.

]15[ Police Coast Guard (PCG) in-house designed releasable body armour vest.

]16[ Models of Police Coast Guard (PCG) vessels.

]17[ SCDF Combined Platform Ladder (CPL).

]18[ SPEAR Force officer armed with a FN303, non lethal weapon.

]19[ Police Coast Guard.



Official website.

2015 Home Team Festival

More photos in Flickristan

]2015 NOV[ Home Team Festival, Singapore Expo, Singapore


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