2016 MAR Orchard Fashion Runway, Orchard Road, Singapore

26 March 2016 Saturday

260316 (Sat)

I will have to say that this year Orchard Fashion Runway was not really spectator friendly for those trying to catch the models parading on the road runway as the barricades were placed near the sides of the roads which were obstructed by small bushes and trees.

In the past, one lane was reserved for people to move around and catch the road runway.

As a result, there were more dead space because of the barricades and only the bushes and trees became the spectators.

There were also another barricade after the small bushes and trees in some area of the pavement.

Junita Simon did not join this year runway.

I felt that there were less model this year.

Many thanks to the models that posed for the camera without fear or favour.

Event: 2016 Orchard Fashion Runway
Date: 26 March 2016 Saturday
Time: 8 pm | 2000 hours
Venue: Orchard Road
Admission: Free

]1[ Spectators cramped behind the yellow barricades on the left, bushes and trees on the right.




]3[ Models on a lorry showcasing Samsung new handphones.


]4[ Giving out a beautiful smile while waiting for the Orchard Fashion Runway to start.


]5[ Smiles all around from the models.






]8[ The models heading back to the start area.






More photos in Flickristan.

]2016 MAR[ Orchard Fashion Runway, Orchard Road, Singapore

]2015 APR[ Samsung Fashion Steps Out, Orchard Road, Singapore


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