2016 MAY RSAF Open House, Paya Lebar Air Base, Singapore

22 May 2016 Sunday

220516 (Sun) Public Day Two

After a hiatus of five years, the RSAF Open House is back again in the year 2016.

Unfortunately, the PR for the relevant information about the RSAF Open House was really last minute, even from the official websites.

There was a media preview on the 17 May 2016, Tuesday, in the morning and the media could have run the story and gave out important information in the late afternoon.

However, due to the news embargo the media could only release the information the next day, only three days before the open house for the general public.

There was a strong emphasis to take the chartered bus from Eunos and Kovan interchange.

It was deja vu like the 2016 Singapore Airshow Trade days where the buses were coming in drips rather then  waiting for the passengers.

On the RSAF facebook there were also complains about the problems with the security counters on the first day, which were outsourced to Aetos security.

I was stuck at Eunos Interchange on the first day and decided to go home rather then waste time to queue for the chartered bus, go big or go home.

On the second day, I decided to take the public bus and had to walk about 15 minutes to Paya Lebar Airbase.

I have made a promise to myself in 2006 that I will come down for the 2016 RSAF Open House.

The RSAF will be celebrating it’s 50th anniversary in 2018, whether there will be a 2018 RSAF Open House or just a small scale exhibition in the heartlands?


Event: 2016 RSAF Open House
Date: 21 (Sat) – 22 (Sun) May 2016
Time: 9 am – 6 pm | 0900 – 1800 hours
Venue: Paya Lebar Air Base
Admission: Free

]1[ Request for immediate action for the 2016 RSAF Open House event schedule.

2016 RSAF Open House T1

]2[ Greeted with chicken arriving at the static display area?


]3[ SCDF DART team involved in the 2015 Fire Fighting Operation in Indonesia forest fire, showcasing the Bambi 5000 litre water bucket.


]4[ Trying out the RBS70 simulator at the Exhibition Halls for the visitors.


]5[ Medical Officer Captain Dr Linus Lau demonstrating the endotracheal intubation procedure to a young visitor.


]6[ RSN S70B Seahawk helicopter female pilot, Captain Lou Yang.


]7[ Two RSAF F16C going to the holding area from the aircraft shelters.


]8[ 2016 RSAF Open House Aerial Display Team, pilots for the F16C. L2R: LTA Gwendolyn Chen and .


]9[ Two RSAF F15SG going to the holding area from the aircraft shelters.


]10[  2016 RSAF Open House Aerial Display Team, pilots, weapon systems officers and ground crew for the F15SG.


]11[ RSAF F15SG Weapon Systems Officer WSO (Fighter) giving out Remove Before Flight Tag to the crowd seated at the viewing gallery.


]12[ 2016 RSAF Open House Aerial Display Team patch.


]13[ A RSAF C130 with propeller vortices going out for a joy ride for those who won the ride ballot.


]14[  RSAF Chinook underslung of one Light Strike Vehicle Mark II (LSV MK2) used by the Guards units.


]15[ RSAF Chinook banking left and low during the aerial display after delivering the Light Strike Vehicle Mark II (LSV MkII).


]16[ RSAF F16C getting ready to takeoff.


]17[ RSAF F15SG getting ready to takeoff.


]18[ Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD), Surface to air Python 5 and DERby Radar – Short-Range (SPYDER-SR) Missile Firing Units in ready firing position.


]19[ The Singapore Red Lion parachute team waving to the appreciative crowd after the successful jump from a C130.


]20[ Last few appearances of the RSAF KC135 air tanker before changing to the new Airbus Defence & Space, A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT).


]21[ Fleet of RSAF C130.


]22[ The crowd catching the aerial display.


]23[  Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD), V200 armed with a RBS70 SHORAD.


]24[ RSAF E2C Hawkeye now at the front gate of the RSAF Museum.


]25[ A song dedication, see you at the 2018 RSAF Open House. Hello from the other side.


More photos in Flickristan.

]2016 MAY[ RSAF Open House, Paya Lebar Airbase, Singapore

]2006 SEPT[ RSAF Open House Singapore


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