Welcome to my WordPresskistan blog. This blog was started in August 2009.

I am a Singaporean living in Singapore.

My Flickristan album.


I took up photography as a hobby during my free time.

I am a defence and GPS photo geotagging enthusiast.

This is my photojourney.

The camera looks both ways, in picturing the subject we are also picturing a part of ourselves.

Confronting the devils in the details.

What’s the meaning of xtemujin ?


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9 Responses to “2009 About xtemujin 360°Resources, Singapore”

  1. 1 Luo Zhaoming 30/03/2010 at 18:46

    Hi xtemujin,

    I’ll like to get the original photos for the following teams that took part in the 1st Singapore National Cheerleading Championships 2010 on 20th March 2010.

    1) SMU Flare (1 All Girls Group Stunts & 1 Mixed Group Stunts)

    2) Magnum Force (2 All Girls Group Stunts, 2 Mixed Group Stunts & 1 Senior High Division Team)

    3) NTU ACES (2 Open Division Teams)

    4) Teiko University Buffalos (The Japanese Guest Performance Team. Will like to have their photos too as I know them personally while taking care of them during their stay in Singapore. I’ll be seeing them again in May when I go over Japan for an International competition. Would like to pass them their photos)

    As there are alot of photos involved, maybe you can burn them into a DVD and I’ll meet you personally to collect it if possible. Thanks.

    Best Regards,

    Luo Zhaoming
    Head Coach, SMU Flare
    Co-coach, Ngee Ann Magnum Force
    Alumni, NTU ACES 2004-2009

  2. 3 RedZ 25/04/2010 at 23:25

    Hi xtemujin

    Just wondering what model/brand of camera you using? The picture quality is superb.I’m new to photography as a hobby. would the Panasonic GF1 good enough to take good n clear shots for night photography? like on your blog?


    • 4 xtemujin 26/04/2010 at 18:09

      Hi RedZ,

      I’m using Nikon D90 with a 24-70mm f2.8 for the night shoot.

      I find that the Panasonic GF1 is “noisy” in high ISO.

      I would suggest reading Understanding Exposure by Brian Peterson to start on your photography hobby.

      Many thanks.

  3. 5 Tania 05/06/2010 at 03:44

    Dear Xtemujin

    Hi, I’m from the Rose Borromeo Spanish Dance Company and you took lovely shots of our dancers at the Asian Civilisations Museum. We have another Spanish event happening today, at 7pm called Night of the Stars (Noche de Estrellas) today Sat 5 June. Would you like to attend? Check out the website www. roseborromeospanishdance.com for further info on the event.


    • 6 xtemujin 05/06/2010 at 08:42

      Hi Tania,

      Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it for the event as I’ll be working.

      Many thanks for the invite and I hope to be able to capture the Rose Borromeo Spanish Dance Company performing again one of this day.


  4. 7 CODY 07/09/2010 at 16:47

    hi there,

    I am here to ask if you can tell me specifically the differences between a F16D and F16D+. If you got photos to illustrate will be good for me. Because I am a bit confused about it’s difference.

  5. 9 lionnoisy 03/07/2012 at 09:02

    hi xtemujin,
    re–Terrex interior photo appearing at military nuts, sg forum 2 years ago.
    I am sorry i do not know it was your photo.
    some body put the words cyperpioneer in the photo.
    You have posted a message there to clarify your IP.

    Very sorry.

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